The World Workshop on Oral Health and Disease in AIDS have been held over the last 30 years and have proved to be invaluable in that they enable clinicians and scientists from more than 30 countries working in the field to provide excellent opportunity to meet experts, exchange ideas and information, strengthen and expand the academic collaboration on an interpersonal level. The First International Workshop was held in San Diego, California, USA in 1988; followed by the Second Workshop in San Francisco, California, USA in 1993; the Third Workshop in London, England in 1996; the Fourth Workshop in Skukuza, South Africa in 2000; the Fifth Workshop in Phuket, Thailand in 2004; the Sixth Workshop in Beijing, China in 2009; and the Seventh Workshop in Hyderabad, India in 2014.

The 8th World Workshop (WW8) on Oral Health and Disease in AIDS will be held in Bali, Indonesia in 2019. The WW8 is open to the entire research community, clinicians, patient-partners, and others with an interest in improving the health of people with HIV. The conference theme is “Improving Health and Wellbeing”. This conference will focus on the impacts of economic, demographic, and social issues of HIV/AIDS in the developing countries, HIV-related stigma and discrimination in dental healthcare settings, and the advances in research and innovation in HIV/AIDS. Understanding these issues is critical in taking steps to address the global HIV epidemic and reduce health disparities, to enhance the improve oral health care providers' knowledge and attitudes, and to improve equity in health and well being among people living with HIV.

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